Spiritual Healing Pilgrimage to John Of God
Abadiania, Brazil

Arriving in Abadiania, 30th October, 2017
Departing on 13th November, 2017

 30th October, 2017 – 13th November, 2017
23rd April, 2018 – 7th May, 2018
$2,400 (excluding airfares)

secured with $400 deposit to be paid at time of booking.

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Journey with us on a guided spiritual pilgrimage to visit world renowned medium and healer, Joāo De Deus, affectionately known as John Of God, The Miracle Man of Brazil. John Of God is unquestionably one of the most powerful incorporated, unconscious medium and spiritual healers living today. Millions of people from all over the world have visited the Casa seeking spiritual awakening, emotional, physical, and karmic healings.

For more than three decades Joāo Teixeira de Faria has had extraordinary success in helping people to heal from AIDS, cancer, paralysis, blindness, mental disease and a host of human infirmities. Millions of people have consulted with Joao-in-Entity since 1965. Up to 3,000 people per day stand and wait in line to see him individually. He continues to have a success rate in his healing work unheard of in western medicine”. (quoted from Friends of the Casa de Dom Inaćio website). 

Join your tour guides, Kata and Mariana,  on a 15 day & 14 night miraculous healing experience that is sure to change your life. Visit the Casa de Dom Inaćio de Loyola, a tranquil healing sanctuary, that was established by Joāo in 1979 under the insistence of Dom Inaćio de Loyola, also known as St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Principal Entity of the Casa. The Casa is built on a crystalline energy vortex which amplifies the healing energies.

Feel at peace as Annayou enter the Casa to begin your own healing journey. Travelling with a small group, sharing the unique healing process with others, makes the experience more nurturing as bonds are forged and lifelong friends made. Your guides, Kata and Mariana, first met in Abadiania, as we experienced our own life-changing healings, which eventually led us to form Katana Mystical Journeys. We will be with you to offer guidance and support every step of the way. Medium Joāo works with teams of highly evolved Spirit Doctors, Saints and Angels (knows as the Entities) to perform physical and psychic surgery to help us heal, physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. The Casa is a non-denominational Temple and operates on the principles of Spiritist doctrine but is open to everyone, regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs.

In his humble way, Joāo insists I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands”.  The way to get the best out of your journey is to cultivate a space of inward focus and prayer. Be respectful of others and be ready to surrender to the work that is yours to do. Medium Joao, the Entities and the Casa staff & volunteers are dedicating their time and energy to facilitate a process for you to receive help in your healing. You must always remember though, that this healing journey you are embarking on is your responsibility and no one else’s. If we could see the grand scheme of spiritual matters, we may be very surprised to see how little we are asked to do, but the whole thing cannot work unless we do our part too. The good news is that when you arrive in Abadiania, something in your spirit brought you there. This probably means there is an opportunity for you to grow, improve your health and maybe even give of yourself to help others.

You will be picked up with the group at Brasilia airport on the 30th of October and transferred to your comfortable accommodation, a short 2 minute stroll from the Casa, where you will enjoy three cooked meals per day of locally fresh produce prepared by friendly hotel staff.

Enjoy the next day at a leisurely pace. Get to know the other members of your group. Take a stroll through the main street before meeting at the Casa at 5pm for an Orientation in preparation for your Spiritual intervention.

On Wednesday enjoy the excitement as you join thousands of pilgrims in coming before John Of God at the Casa in Entity.

Healing days with Joāo-in-Entity at the Casa are every Wednesday through to Friday. Enjoy organised activities such as trips to the sacred waterfall, group meditation, and a group farewell dinner.

You’ll also have an opportunity to volunteer in the soup kitchen and help in preparing the healing soup which is offered to all pilgrims.

To assist in your healing, it is recommended to experience regular Crystal Healing Bed sessions. These are available for a small fee on the grounds of the Casa.

Optional activities at the Casa include Prayers and Singing Services held every Sunday morning in the main hall, and Rosary every evening. They’re wonderful ways to support your healing and become part of the Casa family.

Come and join us on this miraculous healing pilgrimage, you will surely have a profound life changing experience.